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Moonfall Hindi Dub 2022 / 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K HDR, / Free Download

Moonfall Hindi Dub 2022 / 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K HDR, / Free Download

Moonfall Hindi Dub 2022 / 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K HDR, / Free Download and Watch Online, No Pop Up Ads, FHD Quality Less File Size, Fast and Secure Download Links, Bluray, Hindi DD 5.1 Audio. Explore More Movies in Hindi Dub for Free on

Moonfall Hindi Dub
Moonfall Hindi Dub

The world stands on the brink of annihilation when a mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit and sends it hurtling toward a collision course with Earth. With only weeks before impact, NASA executive Jocinda “Jo” Fowler teams up with a man from her past and a conspiracy theorist for an impossible mission into space to save humanity.

Release date: 3 February 2022 (Germany)
Director: Roland Emmerich
Box office: $55.9 million
Music by: Thomas Wander; Harald Kloser
Producers: Roland Emmerich, Harald Kloser, John A. Amicarella
Distributed by: Huayi Brothers, Centropolis Entertainment, Tencent Pictures, Lionsgate Films

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iMDb Rating: 5.2/10
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Stars: Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley
Director: Roland Emmerich
Language: Hindi Dub / English Dub (Dual Audio)
Quality: BluRay – 4K 2160p / 1080p60FPS / 1080p / 720p / 480p
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Moonfall Hindi Dub Plot

Harper’s son Sonny escorts Fowler’s son Jimmy and their nanny Michelle in an attempt to reach Davidson’s military bunker in Colorado. They reach Aspen and reunite with Harper’s ex-wife and Sonny’s mom Brenda, as well as his step-family, but are caught in the disasters caused by the rapid destruction wrought by the proximity of the Moon. As the group makes their way towards the bunker, they fight off other survivors and increasingly deadly natural disasters before reaching a safe mountain tunnel. Brenda’s husband Tom sacrifices himself to save his youngest daughter, suffocating as the Moon strips the atmosphere with its gravitational pull during its pass.

Houseman uses the EMP and the lunar module crew to lure the swarm away from the spacecraft before detonating the device, killing himself, destroying the AI, and allowing Fowler and Harper to escape. With power restored, the Moon begins to return to its regular orbit, bringing an end to the destruction on Earth. Fowler and Harper return to Earth and reunite with Sonny, Jimmy, Michelle, and Brenda.

The operating system of the Moon, itself a being AI created by humanity’s ancestors, reveals that it stored a copy of Houseman’s consciousness; appearing to him as his mother. Houseman is united Moon operating system projections of his cat, Fuzz Aldrin, and his beloved mother. The projection of his mother then slyly remarks that they need to get to work.

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Moonfall Hindi Dub Free Download

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