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The Infernal Machine Hindi Dub | 480p, 720p PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR PSA | Free Download

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The Infernal Machine Hindi Dub | 480p, 720p PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR PSA | Free Download

Bruce Cogburn, a reclusive and controversial author of the famed book “The Infernal Machine,” is drawn out of hiding when he begins to receive endless letters from an obsessive fan. What ensues is a dangerous labyrinth as Bruce searches for the person behind the cryptic messages, forcing him to confront his past and ultimately reveal the truth behind the book.

Initial release: 23 September 2022
Director: Andrew Hunt
Music director: Nathaniel Levisay
Executive producers: Alex Pettyfer, Jack Christian, Steve Jaggi, MORE
Cinematography: Sara Deane
Distributed by: Paramount Pictures

The Infernal Machine Hindi Dub More Info

IMDb: 5.2/10
Genres: Mystery | Thriller | Drama
Director: Andrew Hunt
Writer: Andrew Hunt
Runtime: 1h 52m
Producer: Julian Hicks, Lionel Hicks, Spencer McLaren
Stars: Guy Pearce, Alice Eve, Alex Pettyfer
Language: Hindi DD 5.1, English DD 5.1
Rating: R (Language and Some Violence)
Quality: WebDl 480p, 720 PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR DV PSA
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2160p 4K HDR and SDR

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The Infernal Machine Plot

Bruce Cogburn’s (Guy Pearce) quiet, secluded life that he had designed to keep away from the world because of the controversy that surrounds his first and only book, gets disrupted when he starts receiving a disturbing amount of letters and packages from a mysterious admirer; William DuKent. Frustrated with the constant mails, Cogburn travels 14 miles away from his disconnected home and goes to a phone booth to call DuKent. Despite the messages he leaves on DuKent’s answering machine, asking him to stop sending letters; Cogburn’s frustration keeps on growing with DuKent’s relentless mails.

Cogburn’s isolation is the result of the tragedy that his book “The Infernal Machine” had inadvertently caused. 25 years ago teenager Dwight Tufford (Alex Pettyfer) took a shotgun, went up to the university tower in Knoxville, and murdered over 13 people. Dwight claimed that the book convinced him that God perceives people’s mortality as the fall of dominoes and that by killing them he wanted to take the power away from God. Guilt-driven Cogburn’s life now consists of a secluded home, alcoholism, PTSD-induced nightmares, and a gun he keeps to scare trespassers away.

Finding out from DuKent’s answering machine that he had contacted Dwight; Cogburn goes down to the prison to meet him in hopes of discovering DuKent’s identity. While going back home from their cryptic and violent meeting he receives a call from his agent who claims that he has received Cogburn’s new book. He asks his agent to fax the book and is shocked beyond imagination upon finding out that it narrates every message he has left on DuKent’s answering machine, every interaction he has had with anybody recently, and everything he has been up to even in the privacy of his home.

The Infernal Machine Trailer

The Infernal Machine Movie Trailer

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