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Wendell And Wild Hindi Dub / 480p, 720p PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR PSA / Free Download

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Wendell And Wild Hindi Dub / 480p, 720p PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR PSA / Free Download

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Wendell And Wild Hindi Dub / 480p, 720p PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR PSA / Free Download Poster
Wendell And Wild Poster

The two devious demon brothers Wendell and Wild have to face their arch-enemy with the help of the nun Sister Helly, who is notorious for expelling demons. However, the brothers are not only plagued by her, but also by her altar boys.

Release date: 21 October 2022 (USA)
Director: Henry Selick
Music director: Bruno Coulais
Producers: Jordan Peele, Henry Selick, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Win Rosenfeld
Editors: Robert Anich Cole, Sarah K. Reimers
Cinematography: Peter Sorg

Wendell And Wild Hindi Dub More Info

IMDb: 6.7/10
Genres: Animation / Comedy / Adventure / Fantasy
Director: Henry Selick
Writer: Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Henry Selick, Clay McLeod Chapman
Runtime: 1h 45m
Producer: Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jordan Peele, Henry Selick
Language: Hindi DD 5.1, English DD 5.1
Rating: PG-13 (Violence/Brief Strong Language/Substance Use/Some Thematic Material)
Quality: WebDl 480p, 720 PSA, 1080p PSA, 1080p60FPS, 2160p 4K SDR and HDR DV PSA
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Wendell And Wild Plot

Young Kat Elliot lives with her parents Delroy and Wilma, who own a brewery in the town of Rust Bank. Driving home on a stormy night, Kat is frightened by a worm in her candy apple, leading her father to veer off a bridge; only Kat survives. Years later, Kat is an embittered, punk rock-loving juvenile delinquent who blames herself for her parents’ deaths.

Meanwhile, demon brothers Wendell and Wild spend their days in the underworld putting rejuvenating hair cream on their balding father, Buffalo Belzer, while dreaming of making an amusement fair for departed souls.

Kat is enrolled in Rust Bank’s all-girls Catholic school, headed by Father Best. A trio of preppy classmates led by Siobhan Klaxon, whose parents’ private prison company Klaxon Korp has taken over the town, attempt to befriend Kat, and she meets Raúl, a trans boy who was once friends with Siobhan. Raúl’s mother Marianna is convinced the Klaxons are responsible for the fire that burned down Kat’s parents’ factory and killed their workers.

During a class taught by Sister Helley, Kat receives a marking on her hand resembling a skull, which Helley tells her she must hide. The mark alerts Wendell and Wild, identifying Kat as their “hell maiden”, and they appear to her in a dream, promising to revive her parents if she summons them to the world of the living.

Kat steals the stuffed bear from Helley needed to summon Wendell and Wild. Helley, revealed to have been a hell maiden herself, works with the school’s janitor Manberg, who hunts demons and keeps them in jars. Father Best is revealed to be in league with the Klaxons, who kill him as the last witness to their factory fire.

Kat recruits Raúl as her witness to summon the demon brothers, who have discovered that their father’s hair cream brings dead organisms back to life. However, the brothers appear in another part of the cemetery, and Kat believes she has been stood up.

Wendell And Wild Trailer

Wendell And Wild Movie Trailer
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